ShakeStopper® Bumper-Mounted 2-Inch Heavy Duty Clamping Hitch for HEAVY-HAUL’R™ 6.0-Inch HBK Bumper (1H6HZD)


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Transport Your Bikes, Bike Rack, and Cargo Carrier Safely and Securely

Safe: Patent-Pending designs eliminate common failure points such as load-bearing welds and bolts.
Secure: Dual Pressure Plates create exceptional clamping pressures on accessory hitch bar.
Strong: H6HZD rated for 400 pound-feet of cargo carrying capacity.
Stable: Tighten the heavy duty pressure bolt once bike rack is inserted to reduce bouncing and shaking.
Stylish: Unique design and high-gloss finish stand out from hastily-assembled, competing products.

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Simply the Best RV Bumper-Mounted Hitch on the Market Today

With a ShakeStopper® Clamping Hitch, you can transport the investment you’ve made in your e-bikes, bike rack, or cargo carrier in safety, style, and security. The bumper-mounted ShakeStopper® Clamping Hitch features dual pressure plates and heavy duty nut/bolt combo for securely clamping your bike rack or cargo carrier in place.

Most hitch receivers on the market today are made from welded steel tubing that leaves a 1/16” gap around your bike rack’s mounting bar. To compensate for this sloppy fit, small diameter retention bolts are used to try and reduce movement, instead that damaging your accessory’s mounting bar. Our unique dual pressure plates distribute the clamping force, reducing the risk of damage to your accessory.

Lastly, our patent-pending design has no load-bearing welds or bolts, eliminating these points-of-failure, so you can travel with the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your cargo will arrive at your destination when you do.

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Product Features

Hitch Opening: 2 Inches
Height: 6.75 Inches
Depth: 7.25 Inches
Weight: 7 Lbs./Pair
Capacity: 400 pound-feet/Pair (not to exceed vehicle or bumper capacity)*

*Results vary based on age and condition of the bumper, frame, and vehicle.