SafetyStruts® Brackets and ShakeStopper® Clamping Hitch Bundle


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  • Strongest brackets sold – 25% thicker than others. Safely transport your valuable cargo.
  • Patent-Pending hitch uses pressure plate and large bolt to generate tremendous clamping force.
  • Innovative hitch wraps around bumper reducing crush-risk found in U-bolt and opposed-plate hitches.
  • SafetyStruts rated for 400 pound-feet, ShakeStopper 1H4HZ for 300 pound-feet, 1H4HZD for 400 pound-feet of cargo carrying capacity
  • Made in USA. Bundle fits 4.0 x 4.0 inch RV bumpers and 2 inch hitch accessories.

Mount-n-Lock developed the very first RV bumper reinforcement brackets – SafetyStruts™ – and has continued to refine the patent-pending designs over the past 10+ years to provide customers the very best bumper support money can buy; don’t trust your valuable cargo to inferior imitations. The ShakeStopper® Clamping Hitch is the first RV bumper-mounted hitch to effectively eliminate the bounce and sway found in RV-mounted bike racks and carriers. The ShakeStopper® Clamping Hitch’s pressure plate and large bolt generate tremendous clamping force. The bolt’s 3/4 inch head fits most trailer lug wrenches; crank it down until all motion is eliminated. The pressure plate helps distribute this clamping force across the entire width of the accessory’s mounting bar, eliminating the dents caused by the smaller bolts found on other hitches. A customer summed up the ShakeStopper’s capabilities quite nicely, “I am already using the [ShakeStopper] hitch to carry very successfully the largest model swing-arm Stow-Away cargo box. Total weight of latter when filled is roughly 120 pounds and rides as solid as a rock with zero sway or up and down movement.” Stop compromising on your bumper-mounted hitch solutions and choose the one that will give you the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your cargo will travel down the road with minimal movement. Questions? Let our experts help! Contact us.

Helpful Information

Product Features

Upgrades your RV’s square bumper capacity to 400 pound-feet*
Fits most frame types, including tube (hollow), channel (C-shaped), and I-beam
Improves safety by reducing RV bumper fatigue and failure
Installs quickly and easily with standard tools (View Guide)
Fits 4 inch and 4-1/2 inch square RV bumpers and most frames
Print out our SafetyStruts™ Life-Size Template to guarantee fit!

Your Order Includes

2 – 4SQUARE™ SafetyStruts™
Corrosion-Resistant Mounting Hardware

*Results vary based on age and condition of the bumper, frame, and vehicle.