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Be it a Popup, Travel-Trailer, Fifth-Wheel, Toyhauler, or Motorhome, We have the Safe Smart RV Bumper & Cargo Solution You Need!

Turn Your Wimpy Factory-Installed RV Bumper into a Cargo Carrying Beast! Get the Peace Of Mind You Crave When Carrying eBikes, Kayaks, Generators, or Other Cargo on Your OEM Bumper. Our Patented SafetyStruts® RV Bumper Support Brackets Quickly Bolt to Your Frame, Creating a Cradle to Support Your Bumper, Transferring the Load Directly to Your Frame, Reducing the Bounce that Leads to Metal Fatigue and Bumper Failure.

Carry Up To 400 Pound-Feet of Load Once You’ve Reinforced Your Bumper with These Amazing Brackets! Select the Hardware Kit You Need to Match the Frame Type You Have. Clear Instructions and Included Drill Bits (or Self-Drilling Screws) Further Ease the Installation Process.

Tired of a Bouncing Bike Rack? Now You Can Eliminate the Shake, Rattle, and Roll After a Quick Install of our Patented ShakeStopper® Clamping Hitch. No More Dimpled Hitch Bar on Your Bike Rack, Either, as Multiple Pressure Plates Protect Your Mounting Bar, Allowing an Industry-Leading Clamping Force to Hold Your Bike Rack in Place.

Carry Up To 400 Pound-Feet of Load! Three Different ShakeStopper® Clamping Hitch Models are Available to Fit 4.0-Inch, 5.3-Inch, & 6.0-Inch Square Bumpers. Valuable Cargo Such as Bikes, eBikes, Generators, etc. Demand a Quality Hitch; Get the One Whose Innovative Design Has Earned It a U.S. Patent!

Cargo Comes in All Sorts of Shapes and Sizes, Finally There is a Cargo Carrier That Can Easily Adapt to Your Needs! The Modular Design of the GennyGo® Generator & Cargo Carrier System Allows a Myriad of Configurations: You Have the Ability to Create a Platform as Small as 24″ x 24″ all the way up to 30″ x 90″ with Dozens of Tie-Down Points! Carrying Something Really Heavy? Just Install Additional Support Arms.

Each Tray Kit Offers Three Different Assembly Options, and Fit 4.0-Inch, 4.5-Inch, 5.3-Inch and 6.0-Inch Square RV Bumpers (Plus Many Other Sizes) with up to 600 Pound-Feet of Cargo Capacity per Tray Kit! With All the Options Available, You Can Finally Build the Cargo Platform You Need without Involving Costly Welders and Fabricators!

Ready to Replace That Rusty Old Factory Bumper That’s Been Chewing Up Your Sewer Hoses? Looking for a Super Strong Mounting Point for Your eTrike? Have You Got More Toys Than Toyhauler? Put Our HEAVY-HAUL’R™ Cargo Bumpers to work for you! Available in Three Sizes and Three Finishes and – New This Year – Three Different Bracket Combinations, We’ve Likely Got the Bumper You Need!

Featuring Up to 660 Pound-Feet of Rated Load and Tons of Internal Storage in the Bigger Bumpers, Adding One of Gives You More RV. Also, Using Our Optional Frame Extension Brackets, You Can Even Make Your Bumper Tilt Up (for Storage) and Down (for Getting the Bumper Out of the Way of Your Toyhauler’s Ramp). Enjoy years of Rust-Free Longevity from an All-Aluminum Bumper in the Size You Need and Mounted the Way You Want!