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Mount-n-Lock® Offers Innovative, High Quality, Made-in-USA RV Cargo Solutions


Get the peace of mind you want when carrying bikes or cargo on your factory bumper! Our SafetyStruts® RV Bumper Support Brackets quickly bolt to your frame, creating a cradle to support the load on your bumper, reducing the bounce that leads to metal fatigue and bumper failure. Carry up to 400 pound-feet of load once you’ve reinforced your bumper!

Tired of a Bouncing Bike Rack? Switch to our ShakeStopper® Clamping Hitch. Models fit 4.0-Inch, 5.3-Inch, & 6.0-Inch Square Bumpers! Our Patent-Pending Floating Pressure Plate and Large Clamping Bolt Combine to Hold Your Hitch-Mounted Cargo Tight!!

Haul It All with these Strong, Stable, and Versatile GennyGo® Generator & Cargo Carriers Fit 4.0-Inch, 4.5-Inch, 5.3-Inch and 6.0-Inch Square RV Bumpers (plus other sizes) with up to 400 Pound-Feet of Cargo Capacity per Tray Kit! Our Tray Kits Offer Many Assembly Options and can be Combined to build up to an 8-foot wide platform!!

Aftermarket RV Bumpers and RV Bumper Accessories

Put Our HEAVY-HAUL’R™ 4.0-Inch, 5.3-Inch, or 6.0-Inch Replacement Bumpers to work for you, with up to 600 Pound-Feet of Cargo Carrying Capacity! Enjoy years of Rust-Free Longevity from an All-Aluminum Bumper, now available in a variety of finishes; choose from Mill Finish, Brushed Finish, or the all-new Glossy Black Powder Coated Finish!!