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Mount-n-Lock® is a Virginia based company creating and supplying innovative, American-made external cargo solutions to RV owners. Started in 2009, Mount-n-Lock® launched its first product shortly thereafter, the HEAVY-HAUL’R™ Aluminum RV Cargo Bumper, an all-aluminum high-load capacity replacement bumper for campers and RVs. This was quickly followed with the launch of other products designed to expand the capabilities and utility of the ubiquitous RV bumper. Our product line now includes the popular SafetyStruts™ Heavy Duty Bumper Brackets and GennyGo® Bumper-Mounted Generator & Cargo Carrier Tray Kits. Our most recent addition, the ShakeStopper® RV Bumper-Mounted Clamping Hitch, features a first of its kind pressure plate for greater gripping force when clamping your hitch accessory into the hitch.

We continue to innovate and expand our product line with a focus on DIY external cargo improvements to travel trailers with every year bringing exciting new products to our lineup.